Digital Literacy

We provide digital education to rural people in which 8 of our dedicated volunteers conduct sessions on digital literacy for a batch of 32 students who are provided with 8 tablets for hands on practical sessions.

We have prepared a 45 days course for rural people in their regional languages in which with the help of projectors and laptops 10 sessions are conducted on "National Digital Literacy mission" an initiative by Indian government to digitally literate the nation. The mission of NDLM scheme is to provide digital literacy to every Indian where government has themselves designed a digital literacy course for rural people. Making one person in every family digitally literate is one of the integral components of our honourable Prime Minister’s vision of “Digital India”. 10 Sessions are dedicated to the usage of Microsoft office and in remaining 20 session with proper interaction and guidance students are taught usage of apps like coursera, wikipedia, YouTube, paytm, internshala, freelancer and taught how to make Gmail accounts etc.
After the completion of the course students are tested in the span of 5 days in which upon clearing NDLM online exam, they are certified by the government of India to be digitally literate and also by Eride, hence helping them to be Empowered.

Agricultural Literacy

We collaborated with the experts in the agricultural industry to work towards solving the problems of agricultural literacy. Under their guidance the farmers will be educated with the basic techniques used to increase the quality and quantity of the produce.

Along with this we are also protecting the farmers from the vicious cycle of middle men because of which they are earning only meagre amount for their hard earned produce for example once farmers in Maharashtra received only 3 Rs if the onion is been sold at 30Rs. In order to combat this situation we are helping them to finish the goods before selling them so that they can directly sell the products. Hence increasing the profit margin for the farmers we will also create online platform for the sale of their goods directly to the consumers, hence increasing their income.

Financial Literacy

Financial literacy is the ability to understand how money works in the world, how someone manages to earn or grow it, how he/she invests it etc. Financial limitation not only hinders the access to basic necessities of life but also is the reason for various social problems and regressed mindsets.

It is the cause for many other problems for example if a parent is not able to provide proper education, health conditions, shelter, diet etc. It is because of the financial pressure he is facing. Under the project financial literacy we are focusing on making rural people financially literate so that they can improve their personal finance and therefore boost up their financial growth for a better tomorrow. A rural person with proper financial mindset can help in increasing the GDP of the nation and hence in developing it. It will also foster the entrepreneurial spirit in the masses to increase output and prosperity of the country. Hence, it is believed that proper financial management can initiate the next revolution of growth and prosperity and thereby solve many other problems indirectly.